How Would You Like To Have a Fundraising Program That Makes You More Money Without The Need To Manage Delivery? 


Gingerbread House Provides You With A Fundraising Product That Is:

Easy to Sell
Pays You More
Get Paid for Returning Customers!


The Problem With Most Fundraising Campaigns:

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  1. Low Price Product requires high volume sales, which means more work for you and your volunteers (work that isn't going to benefit your real mission).  
  2. Low Profit Margin that means making very little for your efforts (which discourages your volunteers for next year).
  3. Frustrating Logistics that take up your time (and space) for distribution.  
  4. Next near you have to do it all over again for the same results!

WE've Got a Solution!


Gingerbread House Fundraisers Make It Easy To Raise Money for Your Organization!


Easy to Sell

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Customers LOVE the Product!  Since everyone needs desserts for gifts, parties, and just to enjoy in the Fall and Christmas seasons, you won't have a hard time selling.

What's more, our promo code system means that selling is as easy as sending an email, posting to Facebook, or giving everyone in the office a taste!  

Pays You More

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Since each unit pays you 20%, you make $5 per unit sold, that's 10 times more than popular cookie campaigns!  

Most Campaigns only need to sell 5 units per volunteer to meet their fundraising goals!   But, at $5 per unit, volunteers are motivated to sell, because they know it's making a difference! 

Makes You
More and More Every Year! 

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At The Gingerbread House, we track your customers and pay you when they purchase year after year (for as long as you remain a partner).  That means the customer who purchased from you in year 1 doesn't have to order through you in year 2 to make you money.  If you stay in the program, you make money on their purchases year after year!

Since returning customers tend to buy 3-5 times more with their second purchase, you stand to make a lot of money year 2 and beyond!  

Estimated Earnings

Total of $80,000 in earnings over 5 years!

How It Works


The Gingerbread House Nut Roll Fundraising Process is Simple.  All we ask is that your organization commits to sell a minimum of 500 Nut Rolls for every year you are in the program.  

  1. Make sure you have the ability to reach 500 units (This is easiest with 50 volunteers selling 10 Nut Rolls each.  But, we love it when a few organizations come together to do a fundraising project together). Of course, the more volunteers you have the easier it is to reach your fundraising goal.
  2. Contact us to become a registered partner.  (So that we can give you all the important details and everything you need to get started.)
  3. You promote and sell The Gingerbread House Nut Rolls! 
  4. We mail Nut Rolls to your customers for you.
  5. You make money!  (We send you a check!) 
  6. Do the same thing next season.
  7. Keep making money as your customers buy year after year! 


Here are a few more reasons to do a Gingerbread House Fundraiser! 

  • WE OFFER THE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM TWICE A YEAR! (Nov.-Dec. and Easter) Which means you can make double your money for your efforts!  
  • It is a great financial opportunity!  
  • The program is simple!  
  • Flexibility to customize to meet your specific needs. 
  • We limit the partnership programs in each area so you can be the organization everyone goes to for their holiday gourmet nut roll!  

To obtain more information and to see if a partnership program is available in your area, please call (440) 965-4186 or complete the following information form below. We will contact you within 1-2 business days.